How to compile and build Imprudence in Mageia

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Theese are the deps needed to compile & build Imprudence in Mageia 2.

For the i586-arch:

  • cmake (At least 2.8.4)
  • python
  • make
  • tar
  • gcc-c++
  • bison
  • flex
  • libgit-devel
  • libfreeglut-devel
  • libopenssl-devel
  • libcryptopp-devel
  • libxrender1-devel
  • libxinerama-devel
  • libcares-devel
  • libxrandr2-devel
  • libgtk+3.0-devel
  • libpng-devel
  • libgirepository-devel
  • libxml2-devel

For x86_64-arch:

  • cmake (At least 2.8.4)
  • bison
  • flex
  • lib64git-devel
  • lib64freeglut-devel
  • lib64openssl-devel
  • lib64cryptopp-devel
  • lib64xrender1-devel
  • lib64xinerama1-devel
  • lib64cares-devel
  • lib64xrandr2-devel
  • lib64gtk+3.0-devel
  • lib64png-devel
  • lib64girepository-devel
  • lib64xml2-devel


Download code from GIT-hub

Open a Terminal or Console & type:

 git clone

Wait until you get a new prompt to proceed.

There's a known compilation-bug/error that will stop your compilation process, but there's a workaround. To compile without getting that error, type:

 gedit imprudence/linden/indra/lib/python/indra/util/

Change the value on the 40th row that says

 use_celementree = True


 use_celementree = False

Save changes & exit gedit back to prompt.


There are two ways of compiling

(1) Type:

 cd imprudence/linden/indra/


(2) Type:

 ./imprudence/linden/indra/ -tRelease configure -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-fpermissive" -DGCC_DISABLE_FATAL_WARNINGS:BOOL=TRUE


There's a known build-issue/error that stops you from building Imprudence for any arch, but there is a workaround.

For i586-arch


 cd imprudence/linden/libraries/i586-linux/lib_release_client

Delete all the libGLU-related files

For x86_64-arch


 cd imprudence/linden/libraries/x86_64-linux/lib_release_client

Delete all the libGLU-related files

The i586-release

If you're inside /imprudence/linden/indra/viewer-linux-i586-relwithdebinfo, type:


The x86_64-release

If you know that you've got more than one CPU-core & that you're inside /imprudence/linden/indra/viewer-linux-x86_64-relwithdebinfo/, type without [ and ]:

[ make -jX ] where the letter X is replaced with the number of cores.

The build takes sometime so go grab a cup of tea, coffee or whatever you like to drink & read a good book. When you see a new prompt the build is done.

Note that this viewer isn't meant to be installed so you just untar the archive that's created & then just run the bin-file.

The Mageia spec-file for Imprundence is currently being developed, but may take some time.