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This release is primarily a bug fix release with smaller updates and improvements since our main developer has been partly hospitalized and unable to contribute much since the last release.

While Kokua for SecondLife has been released with support for Linden Lab's Bento avatar skeleton, this is not included in the KokuaOS release due to the lack of OpenSim server side support. This version of the viewer is still able to log in to SecondLife, but will not be able display Bento avatars.

The viewer has received a number of updates to stabilize it when running on Apple Macintosh systems with NVIDIA graphics adapters in scenes with moderate to high content of mesh items. While the viewer still will crash with a GPU reset in many such scenes, the time before crash has been prolonged, and for many scenes eliminated.


  • Minimum System Requirement for macOS is 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Renderer optimizations
  • Improved support for 4k monitors
  • Functionality to display the release notes on first run for a new version of the viewer
  • Marine Kelly RLV updated to version 2.9.21
  • Both viewer and installer DMG are now signed with an Apple Developer ID for the macOS version
  • Added missing GPUs used by newer Macintosh hardware
  • Updated OpenJPEG to version 1.5.0
  • Multiple updates to localization for all supported languages
  • Update FMOD Ex libraries to version 4.4.64
  • MAINT-6803 Implemented possibility to cycle through texture faces
  • Use the system font Menlo as the monospace font on the macOS version
  • STORM-2092 Add "Copy outfit list to clipboard" for Current Outfit folder

What is FIXED

  • MAINT-7069 Media controls show Play icon even though media is autoplaying
  • MAINT-7009 Fix for Damage Icon always displays regardless of land settings
  • MAINT-7095 Fixed Detached and reduced nearby chat floater does not maintain its position through viewer restart
  • MAINT-309 Fixed top and bottom cube faces do not show a selection silhouette
  • MAINT-7056 Viewer crash when opening many scripts
  • MAINT-7059 [contribution] Import of custom spellcheck dictionary fails silently
  • MAINT-2438 When wearing 2 pair of identical pants, only one pair was editable
  • MAINT-1689 The object that was created after opening Linkset is not presented in linkset list
  • MAINT-1245 FIXED Script error particle not displaying above agent when script error comes from a HUD
  • Restoring Save/Save As functionality to Outfits
  • MAINT-918 Newline was not displayed correctly in chat window
  • MAINT-897 show confirmation dialog when copying notecard
  • MAINT-2450 PRIM_MEDIA_PERMS_CONTROL shouldn't disable mouse wheel scrolling
  • MAINT-4097 User never de-clouds with a large inventory after inventory fetch
  • MAINT-965 FIXED Teleport to friend location in world map omits Z value
  • MAINT-3609 The sun was jumping across the sky at set time
  • MAINT-7017 Stop All was preventing media from playing
  • MAINT-6994 Viewer still reports remaining capacity incorrectly during the presence of an region object bonus
  • MAINT-6963 Object's name is not changed in inventory if object in attached state was renamed through Edit floater
  • MAINT-6962 Viewer crashes when saving sky preset and clicking "Save" button twice
  • MAINT-6949 Visual Outfit Browser - rename worn outfit is not reflected in gallery view
  • MAINT-6957 A high object bonus can cause incorrect parcel land capacity to appear in the build tool's Advanced floater
  • MAINT-2141 Fix for Sky Cloud Coverage reverting
  • STORM-2143 Correct vertex winding of stars
  • MAINT-6608 FIXED URI parser problem with links with username, password
  • MAINT-6490 Newly created inventory reports version mismatch
  • MAINT-612 FIXED LOD switch distance calculation ignores z-axis scale
  • MAINT-6552 Contribution: Viewer sometimes crashes when opening oversized textures
  • MAINT-6929 [Contribution] E-mail links are not parsed correctly when top level domain is over 6 characters
  • MAINT-6902 Place Profile -> Region displays incorrect group or group is stuck on "Loading..."
  • MAINT-2465 FIXED Viewer crash when hovering in fast timers floater
  • STORM-2088 Minimap no longer remembers zoom setting between sessions
  • MAINT-6830 Newly created & renamed favorite landmarks were displaying old name
  • MAINT-6817 crash when uploading a mesh if Include skin weights checkbox is clicked before preview appears
  • MAINT-4146 - [Griefing] Folders from muted avatars not sent to trash at login
  • Fix MAINT-6730 Media audio does not play when Media volume slider is set to max
  • MAINT-6770 Remember appearance floater's chosen tab across logins
  • Numerous fixes to reduce log spam, improve the stability of the viewer, update the http code and functionality, renderer improvements and stability. For the full list of changes, see the Change Log.


    - The viewer has primarily been tested on grids running the OpenSim 0.9 Release Candidate code, so there may be issues on older versions of OpenSim as there are significant changes to OpenSim 0.9 over previous versions. If you experience such issues, please report them to us.

    - Enabling shadows will reset the GPU on macOS systems with NVIDIA graphics cards in scenes with a moderate to large amount of mesh. For macOS users with 512 Mb or less graphics memory, it is advised to lower Texture memory to 384 Mb or less with the slider in the Advanced tab of the Preferences floater (only for systems with NVIDIA graphics cards.)

     A workaround to eliminate the GPU reset can be to install the NVIDIA web driver, but this will come at a loss of general graphics performance 
     for all installed applications including the macOS Finder. This driver is made for the Mac Pro system and just "happens to work" for other 
     systems as well.  A permanent fix can only be found when the renderer code is updated to support the macOS OpenGL 3.2 profile or Metal. 
     Rewriting the renderer falls out of the competence of Third Party Viewer developers as this requires highly specialist skills and knowledge.

    - Mesh deformation of feet with Kokua and RLV when using Utilizatior Mesh Avatar Ticket #332

    - Unable to log in to specific "Start at" location Ticket #354

    - Texture thrashing may occur at a clean install or settings wipe due to texture memory being set at maximum. This does not occur on all GPU cards. The workaround is simple; Open Preferences->Graphics->Hardware and while observing the scene lower the Texture memory (MB) slider until texture thrashing stops.

    - My Suitcase - Opensim [Windows] Ticket #396

       Open the Inventory floater.
       Select the gear menu at bottom left.
       Uncheck Sort system folders on top.
       Select the gear menu again.
       Select Show filters...
       Check Always show folders.
       Close the Filters
       My Suitcase should be present below My Outfits in the inventory list.


    - [OpenSim] Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr connections Ticket #343

    - Above are recent there are many other tickets that need review. There is a vote available for Tickets.