ImpDev Meetups/2009-11-17

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ImpDev Meetup for November 17, 2009.

  • Jacek is nearly done sorting out library licenses and uploading sources.
  • We might be able to release 1.2 tonight.
  • McCabe has gotten 1.3 to compile, but still has library issues to figure out.
  • We need to figure out a system for adding notices to modified files, but that can wait until after 1.2 is released.
  • We need to be more active on the blog again!
  • Geneko thinks we need to makeover the web site. Jacek says that will have to wait until after 1.2 is released.


[12:06] Jacek Antonelli: Ahoy
[12:07] McCabe Maxsted yawns, waves
[12:09] Jacek Antonelli: Hey Gen
[12:09] Geneko Nemeth: Awyght!
[12:09] McCabe Maxsted: ahoy geneko!
[12:10] Jacek Antonelli: Okay, let's start
[12:11] McCabe Maxsted stretches. Mmmk
[12:11] Jacek Antonelli: I'm still (slowly) sorting out licensing issues. Getting nearly done, though.
[12:11] Jacek Antonelli: Also uploading library sources
[12:12] Jacek Antonelli: If I can really focus today, we might be able to get 1.2 out tonight.
[12:12] McCabe Maxsted: woo!
[12:12] Geneko Nemeth: Awesome!
[12:12] Jacek Antonelli: How are things on the 1.3 side, McCabe?
[12:13] McCabe Maxsted: I've been recompiling libs
[12:14] McCabe Maxsted: 1.3 compiles alright, but there are still some kinks
[12:14] Jacek Antonelli: Mkay
[12:15] McCabe Maxsted: it's been a busy week for other htings too. Hopefully this friday I can just whack my head against a wall for a while over it :)
[12:16] Jacek Antonelli: Sounds fun, heh
[12:16] McCabe Maxsted: yeah, wheeee
[12:17] Geneko Nemeth: Sounds like sarcasm.
[12:17] McCabe Maxsted: heh. Just don't like unhelpful error messages :)
[12:18] Jacek Antonelli: Mkay. Anything else we should talk about this week?
[12:18] McCabe Maxsted: hmm
[12:19] Jacek Antonelli: Eventually we need to figure out a solution for adding modification notices to the source files, but I'm willing to put that off until after 1.2 is out.
[12:19] McCabe Maxsted: only other thing is we should prolly post on the blog more
[12:20] Jacek Antonelli: Yeah
[12:20] McCabe Maxsted keeps forgetting to...
[12:20] Jacek Antonelli: Me too :(
[12:21] Jacek Antonelli: I'm gonna post right after this to let people know that 1.2 is gonna drop soon
[12:21] McCabe Maxsted: sounds good
[12:21] McCabe Maxsted: "beware of falling viewers"
[12:21] Jacek Antonelli: hehe
[12:21] Geneko Nemeth: They are anvilicious!
[12:22] McCabe Maxsted grins
[12:22] McCabe Maxsted: okay, I'm good for this week
[12:23] Jacek Antonelli: Mmkay, let's wrap it up then. If anyone thinks of anything else, there's IRC and the mailing list
[12:23] Geneko Nemeth: Hmm, extreme Imprudence website makeover?
[12:23] Jacek Antonelli: That will have to wait until after 1.2 is released
[12:23] Geneko Nemeth: Okies.
[12:24] Geneko Nemeth: ... glad to hear you think that can wait 'till later too.
[12:25] Jacek Antonelli: Okay. Thanks for coming guys. See you on IRC. Viva la Imprudence!
[12:25] McCabe Maxsted: hehe *waves*