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Good for:

  • Chatting with other users
  • Getting basic support from other users

Not good for:

  • Reporting bugs
  • Proposing features
  • Contacting the team

Kokua/Imprudence has inworld groups on Second Life and several OpenSim-based grids. You can join any of these groups to chat with other Kokua/Imprudence users. Team members occasionally join the chat as well, but group chat is definitely not a good way to report bugs, propose features, or contact the team.

Second Life
Imprudence Viewer<ref name="irc_bridged" group="bridged to IRC" />
Imprudence Viewer
Imprudence Chat<ref name="irc_bridged" group="bridged to IRC" />
3rd Rock Grid
Imprudence Viewer
Imprudence Viewer

<references group="bridged to IRC"> <ref name="irc_bridged">Chat in these groups is relayed via a bot to and from the #imprudencechat IRC channel.</ref> </references>