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Known Limitations

- The feature to have your avatar name on the title bar only works when selected after log on. If selected before log on it triggers a crash. Issue #289.

- This issue and others are being tracked in Kokua's ticket system at: Kokua sourceforge tickets


- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.7.7 and SL 3.7.8. Links to SL release notes for each version are below.

- SL Release 3.7.7 Viewer Interesting (Scene Loading) cohort Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.8 Maintenance fixes cohort Release Notes

Kokua Team Contributions

OpenSim Specific:

- Added a Tangle Grid to the default grid selection.

- Added localhost Win Grid Proxy and localhost Local Grid to the default drop down list.

Jessica Wabbit's UI work:

Commit 71e3d45

- Made the chat text entry widget's background colour differ according to the chat type. Nearby chat remains as white. The rest of the chat types are coloured as follows:

   * IM sessions are tinted red.
   * Group chat sessions are tinted green.
   * Conference sessions are tinted blue.

This can be switched on and off using a new checkbox in the "Chat" tab in the Viewer preferences panel.

Commit 0140655

- Added a separator into the various avatar context menus before the pair of sub-menus

Commit 85c5dbc

- Added the grant/revoke friend permissions sub-menu to the chat context menu. The Permissions sub-menu will only be visible if the selected avatar is listed as a friend.

Commit 03495e8

- Added the ability to remove a friend from your list by clicking on the avatar directly. This saves having to search for the avatar in your friend list to do it if they are in visible range.

Commit 9b76fd9

- Added the grant/revoke friend permissions sub-menu to the avatar context menu to match the one I added to the the friends list a long time ago. If a friend is in sight then we should be able to click on the avatar to get those options instead of having to look them up in the friends list.