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- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.7.24 and includes cohort merges as indicated below.

- SL Release 3.7.21Snowstorm Fall Contributions Cohort Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.22Fix Crash on launch in GPU benchmark Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.23Maintenance Cohort Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.24Pipelining Enhancements Cohort Release Notes

- Upstream RLV version See Real Restraint Blog

Kokua Team Contributions


- Opensim variable size region mini-map shows the base 256x256 region only Ticket #276

- Move view floater does not persist at relog Ticket #286 Resolved at Ticket #318

- [RLVa] Names are not all gone Ticket #314

- Touch restriction works not very well in RLV or RLVa Ticket #324

- Right click an attached object brings up pie and context menu Ticket #325 Added

- Typing module in the tag Ticket #313