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- SL Maintenance Release 3.7.27 Release Notes

- SL Hover Height Release 3.7.26 Release Notes

- Upstream RLV version See Real Restraint Blog

- Through

- Upstream RLV version 2.9.9 See Real Restraint Blog

Kokua Team Contributions and Fixes

- [Linux] In-world Flash playback Ticket #333

- [RLV] [Request] Adjust slide bar to add [https://sourceforge.net/p/team-purple/kokua/tickets/338/ Ticket #338}

- Upload fee not reflected on menus for OpenSim Ticket #340

- "compile as mono" option does not work Ticket #342

- File -> Upload -> Set Default Upload Permissions does nothing Ticket #344

- Changing the grid-selection option in preferences crashes viewer Ticket #346

- Linux]Determine correct webkit libraries that need delivered with viewer Ticket #347

- Kokua Linux Fails to start Ticket #348

- [OpenSim] Chat history compact mode does not convert the Avatar Name Ticket #351

Known Issues

- Media volume control doesn't work Ticket #312

- Mesh deformation of feet with Kokua and RLV when using Utilizatior Mesh Avatar Ticket #332

- Space Navigator problems Ticket #334

- Can't disable HUDs in snapshots Ticket #345

- [Avination] Memory usage high and then crash. Ticket #349

- Snapshot custom size to Inventory not working - may be a LL restriction Ticket #350

Feature requests

- [OpenSim] Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr connections Ticket #343

- [OpenSim] Provide hover height adjustment Ticket #352

- Above are recent there are many other tickets that need review. There is a vote available for Tickets.