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Kokua-4.1.1 represents a change in direction from a viewer that served Second Life and most OpenSim grids to one directed to Second Life users. Released a few days ago was a viewer for OpenSim users. Plans are to refine OpenSim and SecondLife viewers for each targeted audience. This will include removal of all conditional code that facilated the switch over from SecondLife to OpenSim grids. These changes, for the most part, will be unseen by users and will be implemented over time into our test viewers.


- The macOS version now use a gamma of 2.2 which improves tonal range of the scene. System gamma of 1.8 has not been used by Apple since macOS 10.6.

- The Advanced and Develop menus have been updated with new functionality and more relevant HUDs

- Most menu items with OpenSim specific functionality has been deactivated.

- Improvements to voice floaters and functionality

- Improvements to media playback functionality, also in the chat / IM floater

- Improvements to mesh upload

- The viewer now supports macOS 10.12 while minimum requirement is macOS 10.9

- Improvements to both the world map and mini map.

- The built in AO now will show which animation is playing.

- macOS send and receive buffer size has been increased for better network performance

- Almost complete localization of the viewer to German

- Don't show voice dot and squiggles over avatars' heads (From Firestorm)

What's FIXED:

- Default permission settings now work correctly

- Many fixes for macOS memory management

- Many fixes for macOS rendering

- Multiple issues, glitches and crashes in the User Interface

- The Mac version will now use macOS system services to fetch the version of macOS the viewer is running on

- Ticket #420 Media does not play

- Ticket #414 Constant Rebaking

- Ticket #432 [Kokua-sl] [CURRENT GRID] Is not working in chat.

- Ticket #427 [Linux] [cef] video flipped

- Ticket #428 [Linux] both 32 and 64 bit are crashing at start.

- Ticket #379 Cannot detach temporary attachments.

- Ticket #417 Textboxes not appearing in Mouselook

- Ticket #415 Provide an SL only viewer

- Ticket #412 The status bar L$ is cut off since Avatar Complexity drop down icon added

- Ticket #411 unable to set blocked IM response

- Ticket #410 Profile->2ndLife Group Titles overwrite group icons.


- Enabling shadows will reset the GPU on macOS systems in scenes with a moderate to large amount of mesh.

- Mesh deformation of feet with Kokua and RLV when using Utilizatior Mesh Avatar -Ticket #332

- Linux CEF fails when used on some linux distributions. - Ticket #389

- Linux has the ability to use VLC plugins but it is not implemented. Tried and true gstreamer is set in mime_types_linux.xml. Experimenters may switch from gstreamer to libvlc.


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  Upstream RLV version 2.9.18  https://realrestraint.blogspot.com/2016/07/rlv-2918.html
  Upstream RLV version  https://realrestraint.blogspot.com/2016/07/rlv-29181.html
  Upstream RLV version  https://realrestraint.blogspot.com/2016/07/rlv-29182.html
  Upstream RLV version 2.9.19  https://realrestraint.blogspot.com/2016/07/rlv-2919.html
  Upstream RLV version  https://realrestraint.blogspot.com/2016/07/rlv-29191.html
  Upstream RLV version  https://realrestraint.blogspot.com/2016/07/rlv-29192.html
  Upstream RLV version  https://realrestraint.blogspot.com/2016/09/rlv-2920.html