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Maria Korolov recently posted about exporting and importing avatar shapes using Imprudence and Meerkat viewers.

Kokua, and several other Third Party Viewers can accomplish this task. So, while the subject is fresh I'll add this wiki.

So, we will use Kokua and log on to SL's Beta Grid and change outfits to the one with the shape that we want to use globally. Please note you have to be the shape creator for the export to work. If you have purchased an avatar you likely are not the shape's creator. Now we will use Appearance to XML to export the shape. For graphic detail please see the image below. Ensure the Develop menu selection is active (Advanced->Show Develop Menu). The drill down of menu selection is Develop->Avatar->Character Tests->Appearance to XML

Apperance To XML.JPG

The shape numbers are stored in the logs folder. On a linux system that is ~/.kokua/logs for windows /Users/YourUserName/AppData/Roaming/kokua/logs.


Now that the shape data is on the hard drive its time to use it on other grids. The image below shows an avatar from one of Tanglewood Grid avatar selections. The avatar is in Edit Shape. At lower left of the shape panel is the Import button. Select Import and a file dialog opens. If not already in the logs folder drill down to it. The shape file for example "Nicky_Perian_s_0000.xml" is shown. Select Open and the shape numbers will be populated with data from the file.


Shape import and file selection.

After the import is complete the new shape is active.


The new shape.

Save the shape and move on to the next grid.